2020-2021 Lecture Registry


There are no fees for attendance at any of these lectures.  The NAA Group experts are proud to provide this teaching free of charge to the criminal justice community.

Each lecture is offered three times each day, and the audience is sequestered into three different groups:

  1. Law enforcement officers
  2. Prosecuting attorneys
  3. Defense attorneys

To that end, to attend these lectures you must be (a) a sworn law enforcement officer, or (b) an officer of the court.  Registrants are required to give their full name, badge number / State bar number, agency name, and contact information.  Furthermore, upon registration, attendees are required to affirm that they will not record or permit others to record (audio or video) any portion of any lecture broadcast by the NAA Group.

Registrations are cut-off at 6PM PST the day before the lecture.


Call 1-800-985-5346 or email admin@autopsyassay.com.


Bookings are closed for this event.