Our Team

Our Forensic Pathologists…

Chris Milroy MD FRCPC

Forensic Pathologist & Medical Director

Sam Andrews MD FRCPC

Forensic Pathologist

Leslie Hamilton MD FRCPC

Forensic Neuropathologist

Jonathan Hayes MD

Forensic Pathologist

Evan Matshes MD FRCPC

Pediatric Forensic Pathologist

Jason Morin MD FRCPC

Forensic Pathologist

Our Paramedical Support Staff…

Jane Bartlett RN D-ABMDI

Director of Death Investigation

Lee Bennett

Case Manager/Paralegal

Don Downey

Medicolegal Assistant

Kathryn Downey LIT (Hon)

Chief Administrative Officer

Lisa Cha Hang

Lab Manager

Athena Ibe-Ibanez BS

Medicolegal Assistant

Diana Kryski

Medical Art Director

Lori Selanders

Research Director

Alyssa Shumaker

Senior Case Manager/Paralegal

Rand Swartz

Director of Forensic Photography

The Dog


Corporate Mascot